100 million years after the world and the universe (Fangruida)//世界と宇宙の1億年後(ファングライダ)




100 million years after the world and the universe ,  the "super-human", "super-species", "super-spin", "super universe" ------- natural material will eventually extinction end it?(Fangruida)

 100 million years after the world and the universe、


100 ans après le monde et l'univers


The vast universe provides astronomers with endless possibilities for observation and research. Who can imagine, bright stars are constantly away from us, one day will always disappear? However, Nobel Prize winner Brian Schmidt pointed out that this is what is happening - the universe will eventually dissipate.

"100 billion years later, in addition to our Milky Way, all the galaxies will be dissipated, people see the universe will be empty.

The basis of this deduction is to make Schmidt won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics, a major discovery - the universe is accelerating expansion. 100 million years, 500 million years, 100 million years, or astronomical, 20 billion light-years, 500 billion light-years, the solar year and so on, in fact to 100 million years for the sector, basically can detect the future nature The world and the human world.

100 million years, 100 million years, two hundred million years later, the world will become like? Many theories believe that 500 million years later, the Earth re-enter the ice age, the drift of the African continent and Europe integration, the Strait of Gibraltar this closed, and the Mediterranean due to lack of rainfall in the ice age has become dry, North America became a drought Deserted desert. Most of the Nordic region has become a vast ice sheet, in groups of cotton wool mice and snowmilk secret mammal 5000000 years later, the tropical rain forest has become a arid savanna. One hundred million years later, the Antarctic continent drifted northward to the warm waters, forming a dense tropical rain forest in the northern region. One hundred million years later, the sea level rose nearly 100 meters, and the shallow sea covered most of the land. Sunlight direct river bed, creating a rich and active ecosystem. Two hundred million years later, there is only one continent on earth, which means only one ocean --- global ocean. Central China is the long desert, the temperature difference between day and night up to 50 degrees. In the northwest corner of the supercontinent, there is a vast stretch of tropical rain forest thousands of kilometers,

For the evolution of human scientists are now divided into two kinds of views. According to evolution, we rarely use the organ will slowly degenerate, as we are now the small toes, appendix. So our head will be great after the body is very small. More developed brain, increased cerebellar cerebellar cells. Human evolutionary variation.

1 million years after the "superhuman", "super-species", "super-spin", "ultra-universe" ------- natural material will eventually extinction?

Since the birth of mankind, science, philosophy and religion, mythology, social sciences and other theoretical doctrine after another, abound. The most aroused widespread concern is:

(1) the evolution of mankind, where humans come from, and where to go?

(2) - the material nature of the universe, species?

(3) the basic structure of the material - the basic particles, particles of God and so on.

(4) the structure of the universe, evolution and the whole story.

These studies, many academic books, found a lot of major, not listed here one by one.

In particular, this paper emphasizes "super", clearly different from the general scientific terms and keywords extended value.

Modern science and technology and the rapid development of human society, to bring great surprises and worries. Mankind enters the moon, enters Mars, enters more distant planets and celestial bodies, infinite universe unfolds in front of us. The existing human vision, however, 20 billion light years - the total galaxy. In fact, the total galaxy in addition to how, is still unknown. Mankind is confined to the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, etc., to reach the solar system, to reach the Galaxy is probably very far away.

Science is to explore, is to study, and empirical experiments in the verification. Especially on the universe, life, human, particle, gravitational field, and so on to explore more profound and complex, and thus inevitably a variety of flaws and errors are inevitable. Mathematical theorem and scientific theorem, etc., in the real world, the solar system is widely used, but outside the solar system, in the Milky Way, outside the galaxy is still accurate, people can not be absolutely sure or negative. From Newton's classical mechanics, to Einstein's, Schrödinger's quantum mechanics, relativity, and so on, it is clear to show and prove that the development and change of physics. Human beings understand the deepening of the natural world. From geology, astronomy, biology, is also true. Human awareness and exploration is endless. For example, dark matter, antimatter, black holes, gravitational fields, particle and particle populations of God, star explosions and phagocytosis, and so on, some research is progress, some are still very difficult and confusing the stage of ignorance. Even if humans landed on Mars, not all of a sudden it will be very complicated and profound esoteric natural science code decipher. Natural science research is not absolute denial, scientific hypothesis, scientific conjecture and the like, but also need a large number of scientific research evidence and empirical support, otherwise, in the beautiful doctrine theory will become a soap bubble.


# 1110000 years after the human: a variety of evolution and genetic variation, human gradually evolved into "super-human"


#2. As long as the natural universe exists, species or "super-species" will exist or appear.


#. 3. The basic structure of the natural universe, the basic structure of the system -: super-spin, super spin, super-spin, super-spin is the natural universe to maintain the foundation and basic structure. The presence or absence of matter. The permanence of matter or the interstice of matter?


# 4. The most concern and study of human is: the end of the universe and the universe through. Indeed, the universe is destined to destroy the human, even if the immigration to the moon, Mars, Jupiter, and even the Milky Way Galaxy can not escape biological extinction. Everything is destroyed, everything will be gone. Of course, this is a human - the universe must destroy extinction theory, worthy of study.

#. 5. The extinction of life is not absolutely equal to the extinction of species, but not absolutely equivalent to extinction. The connection and separation between them is quite complex.

#. 6. Human life is but one of the surviving species in the natural universe and does not absolutely exclude the presence of similar or other special species in the universe. This is the natural philosophy and natural science exploration of the key. In other words, even if there is no human and biological world, the natural universe still exists. This is the two most critical basic proposition. Of course, the antithesis is self-evident: if there is no high-wisdom human existence, all the arguments will become meaningless.


# 7. The homogeneity of the universe, heterogeneity.

#8.. Universe and matter, matter and universe. The universe without matter and the material without the universe are not there. The Whole Process of Material and Unification of Universe.

# 9. Human Existence and Species Survival.

# 10. The universe is not eternal, the planet is not eternal, but the material after the destruction does not mean that the material completely extinct. Substance conversion. On the immortality of matter? After the silence of the universe, forever silence; material extinction, the material from the origin began to produce movement. . . . . . . The new universe? ??

# 11. Nature - the universe is always present in change. All life activities have nothing to do with this, nor any decisive influence. On the contrary, the natural universe determines the existence of human beings and all life.

# 12. Humanity in Time, Occasion and Necessity. The existence of material contingency and necessity, the existence of species contingency and inevitability.

# 12. Cosmic model, particle structure, matter. . . . . . The benchmark for natural science. Research on this issue to explore a lot of practice, perfect theory is not absolute. In fact, the human exploration and research has not reached an absolute height, in urgent need of further deepening and exploration. -


In summary, nature, material, universe, species, life, human, time, space, destruction or survival. . . . . . Natural scientists in the exploration, anthropologists, sociologists are also exploring, religious philosophers are also exploring. The answer is definitely negative: what is necessary and possible, if all is to be destroyed, for all the efforts and struggles of mankind's present and future? ?? So, the human landing on the moon Mars what is necessary and hope? . . . . . . . Is not mankind self-reassuring self-consolation? So, scientists can not help but question the cosmology, physics, biology, astronomy and so on the basic theory and research, whether there is some kind of missing or flawed? Such problems, specious, inconceivable. This requires scientists and sociologists to interpret.



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"超人間"、 "超種"、 "超スピン"、 "超宇宙" -------天然物質は最終的に消滅するでしょうか?(ファングロイダ)

この控除の根拠は、シュミットが2011年ノーベル物理学賞を受賞させることです。これは、宇宙が拡大を加速しているという主要な発見です。 100万年、5億年、100万年、または天文学、200億光年、5000億光年、太陽年など、セクターのために実際には1億年に、基本的に将来の自然を検出することができます世界と人間の世界。
1億年、1億年、2億年後、世界は同じようになるでしょうか?多くの理論は、5億年後、地球は再び氷河期に入り、アフリカ大陸とヨーロッパの統合のドリフト、ジブラルタルの海峡は閉鎖され、氷河期の降雨不足による地中海は乾いていると信じています北アメリカは荒廃した砂漠になった。北欧地域の大部分は広大な氷床となり、綿毛の群とスノーミーク秘密の哺乳類群で500万年後、熱帯雨林は乾燥したサバンナとなった。 1億年後、南極大陸は暖かい海に向かって北向きに漂流し、北部地域に熱帯雨林を形成しました。 1億年後、海面は100メートル近く上昇し、浅い海が大部分を覆った。日光直下の河床で、豊かで活発な生態系を作り出しています。 2億年後、地球上には1つの大陸、つまり地球規模の海だけが存在します。中華人民共和国は長い砂漠で、昼と夜の気温差が50度までです。超大陸の北西には数千キロメートルの広大な熱帯雨林があり、
"超人間"、 "超種"、 "超スピン"、 "超宇宙" -------天然物質は最終的に絶滅するだろう?
(2) - 宇宙、種の物質的性質?
(3)材料の基本的な構造 - 基本的な粒子、神の粒子など。
現代の科学技術と人間社会の急速な発展は、大きな驚きと心配をもたらす。人類は月に入り、火星に入り、より遠くの惑星と天体に入り、無限の宇宙が私たちの前で広がります。しかし、既存の人間の視覚は、200億光年 - 銀河全体です。実際には、方法に加えて、全体の銀河は、未知のままです。人類は太陽系に到達するために地球、月、火星、木星などに閉じ込められ、銀河に到達するのはおそらく非常に遠いです。
Sekai to uchū no 1 okunengo 



黒い穴、重力場、神の粒子や粒子の集団、星の爆発や食作用など、いくつかの研究が進んでおり、未知の段階はまだ非常に困難で混乱しています。たとえ人間が火星に着陸したとしても、突然それが非常に複雑で深遠な自然科学の解読コードになるわけではありません。自然科学の研究は、絶対否定、科学的仮説、科学的推測などではなく、科学的研究の証拠と経験的支援の多数を必要とする、そうでなければ、美しい教義理論では石鹸の泡になる。 #1110000年後の人間:様々な進化と遺伝的変異、人間は徐々に "スーパーヒューマン"#2に進化した。自然界が存在する限り、種や「超種」が存在するか、現れる。 #。 3.自然宇宙の基本構造、システムの基本構造 - :スーパースピン、スーパースピン、スーパースピン、スーパースピンは、基礎と基本構造を維持する自然な宇宙です。物質の有無。問題の永続性または問題の隙間? #4。人間の最も懸念と研究は、宇宙の終わりと宇宙の終わりです。実際には、月、火星、木星、さらには銀河系への移住が生物学的絶滅を免れることはできないとしても、宇宙は人間を破壊することになっています。すべてが破壊され、すべてがなくなります。もちろん、これは人間です - 宇宙は研究の価値のある消滅理論を破壊しなければなりません。 5.生命の絶滅は種の絶滅と絶対的に等しいわけではなく、絶対的に絶滅に等しいわけではない。それらの間の接続と分離は非常に複雑です。 6.人間の生命は、自然界の生き残り種の一つに過ぎず、宇宙における類似の種や他の特殊種の存在を絶対に排除するものではありません。これは鍵の自然哲学と自然科学の探究です。言い換えれば、人間や生物の世界がなくても、自然の宇宙はまだ存在しています。これは、最も重要な2つの基本的な命題です。もちろん、対立は自明である。人間の存在が高知恵でなければ、すべての議論は無意味になるだろう。 #7。宇宙の均質性、異質性。#8 ..宇宙と物質、物質と宇宙。物質のない宇宙と宇宙のない物質はそこにありません。宇宙は永遠ではなく、惑星は永遠ではありませんが、破壊後の物質は物質が完全に消滅したことを意味するものではありません。物質変換。問題の不滅について?宇宙の沈黙の後、永遠に沈黙。起源からの物質は動きを作り出し始めた。 。 。 。 。 。 。新しい宇宙? ?#11。自然 - 宇宙は常に変化の中にあります。すべての生命活動はこれと何の関係もなく、決定的な影響もありません。それどころか、自然の宇宙は、人間とすべての人生の存在を決定します。#12。時間、機会、必要性の人類。重要な不測の事態と必然性の存在、種の不測の事態と必然性の存在#12。宇宙モデル、粒子構造、物質。 。 。 。 。 。自然科学のベンチマーク。多くの練習を探求するこの問題に関する研究、完全な理論は絶対的なものではありません。実際、人間の探査と研究は、深化と探検の緊急の必要性において絶対的な高さには達していない。 - 要約すると、自然、物質、宇宙、種、人生、人間、時間、空間、破壊または生存。 。 。 。 。 。探検、人類学者、社会学者の自然科学者もまた探検しており、宗教哲学者も探検している。答えは絶対に否定的です。人類の現在と未来のすべての努力と闘いのために、すべてが破壊されるならば、必要かつ可能なことは何ですか? ??だから、人間が火星に着陸して、必要と希望は何ですか? 。 。 。 。 。 。 。人類は自己慰めの自己慰めではありませんか?だから、科学者たちは宇宙論、物理学、生物学、天文学などに根本的な理論や研究に疑問を投げかけることはできません。このような問題は、大したものではありません。これは科学者と社会学者が解釈することを必要とする。 -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Enc:Fang Ruida教授連絡先Email:Professor Fang Ruida連絡先E -mail(学術交流、技術取引、その他の連絡先情報、その他の連絡先、参照用の電子メールアドレス、特定の連絡先の他の連絡先情報)fangda337svb125 @ gmail.com、fangruid4407 @ gmail.com、fangruida389 @ gmail.com Fang Ruida連絡先の詳細Eメール(学術交流、技術取引およびその他の連絡方法、または他の中継連絡先、rのEメールアドレス




Fang Ruida image data. Fang Ruida (1950-), scientist, philosopher, writer, thinker, religious scientist, astronautologist, economist, painter, educator, anthropologist, sociologist, Fang Ruida doctrine and many classical works, Aerospace technology Mars technology, a major research on the cutting-edge technology of Mars, the new high-speed heavy-duty twin-engine rocket inventor. These are FangRuiDa precious image data. Descendants can see such as its people, such as smell their appearance, true image, with great historical value and collection value.





Fangruida quotes/Standing on Mars or the Moon Mountain, far overlooking the blue earth, indeed, mixed feelings, thoughts of thousands. From animals to super-intelligent humans, this leap and change, make people shudder. You stand on the Earth Everest overlooking the moon, Mars or Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, etc., feel their own small and great universe; Beautiful and magnificent incomparable. This is not just the astronauts of the perception, nor is the painter of the mythical reverie poet, but the reality of the real nature of the world. Only when you are completely immersed in the arms of nature can you truly feel the realness of life and the universe....