natural science research papers(Fangruida)

Research papers:physics,cosmology,medicine,biology,geography,etc./copyright.

Medicine, physiology, news. etc.





The Brain's cybernetics."life-BODY-FIELD"and STAAINING THEORYS.



In this paper we disscution about medicine,physiology,news,etc also for research

that's laws, rules and specific nerve-mations.


we poiut out that important laws and other studied-results from many Tests,and

then them are very widdly using using us works. Such as chaning flow dyos


pigmentatior, life rigxi liviry-domain nature language-substance, etc.


BME.Gene cell, physics-chemirsty KEY WORDS important derived-words,etc,ibid> slk-



wave-particles, field, shoave.bunch.shock-degrreeor. cone

structure of spiral biology,microbiolgical assiyeg steps,stain,brain-model,etc.

Carrier of heredity

E potention-sides


control volume of threschold news keep

cross changing way

pump and brabn-chainning


left liemispsere functional, right, remispre over pont, dye-roadu jsting

First releast.


keep, charge nogative-links R-R


double hlix


mathematical logic ways

nature Tong substance

Language Tong-Substance


diareter-pathfe.g operator, operator, polycistronic messgenger, lnformofers, Informosomes,


Genotype, complemenary base sequence, etc]




H-sbs in semi-solueht-ground substonle double-cross hypermetamd-substarce


life rigs zy. zyz H-SBS in semi-soluent-ground substance


life fields-bodydouble-cyoss hypermetamor-substance


wrog path guide-lines


or thogrhal-line




unaholish derelokpty




pass or sit


Stop thrsnold




dyes pigmentation


many phrase-lines of tunrel links.


single.double.many trace-filk




fold-shadow to plant


Electrode of refrexarc


Changing- flowing


dye-fassion structure plait








Base pailing-central dogma-ground state-initial state-Intermediate state-end state(modal



(computer's modal / tool hoxs/ naple / vc/ matlab/ )


(soft wake's programming)omited


Experiments,Mattirals and methods


( 1 )The model of brain for special-COMPUTER


(2) The model of Humman-body for S'PECAL-COMPUTER.


(3) The ulera microscope and uiera-special mi-cro monaipulations or microtech-



(4) The animals Tests and human-body tests.The human-body tests was stationary motion-



(5) The cases of patient (nervous system, system circulatory system and other sensory system)


(6) CT (CPET) and MPJ,etc.


The seaining method,tissve culture ,tissueertract,etc.mustbe optimum of specialization sketch . Fig,

No 14 . 16. 26. 27.




The actomyosin molecules, actins, activating enzymes. mdenine(6-Aminopusine)Allele,

Amsiquous condom, Amino acid sequence,amino terminal (N-termina


residue),Anticodon,base,Base pairing, Bet confiqu hation. carhoxyl terminal(terminal residue

operator cstron.oigomel,operqtor,Relaredsens)carhory terminal(cterminal residue). c


stron,oigomer,operator,Relaxed civular DNA seese strand(plus sexlond) saper heliy (coiled coil,

structure)sense strand (plus strand) saperheliy coiled coil,super-coil structure ,suppressioe.

Transfer RNA(tRNA)


(Acceptor RNA, Adaptor,Dictionay RNA, solusle RNA ,sRNA etc ,know as the late word in

molecular structure )


molecular quautum mechanics.molecular motion and gen'es theory.suchas cells DNA and

NNA .But. for from want of speakvolume for it map sresearched, transfer this to physical-

researched be of service to run upon moleculars gene'smechanism .In the wake of

mtfions described, we see gene's stuided to


It's said that ,code of chromafmation recombination of genes, matetion in due by

eqonizing rediation .variabilty and fundamental laws of herdeity of segregution; 2. law of

independent assorftment;3. law of linkage and erchange. etc wer be impor-tant to a concerned

about neur-chemistry nerve cells, nevous impulse,nerve plexus. hervous

innervatiou.ganglion. neuromere.nerve commissure.nervous pathovay .nerve endings. endoneu-

rium,nerve-hody-fluid. nervous control,nerve fibre, subnerural gland, axilemma. neuron and

neurofibrils. nervouscontrol,nerve we researched (and analysis, muscle contraction.)

muscle contraction



ATN^AVP+P+E (1.0)

(ntrvous reflex mechanism and neuro-musculak modanism that nearo-mascular physiology)

excitation smell contraction couplig




4 CaAA (1.1)





-> AM




excitation smell contraction coupling


(1) Ga.Ga into endoneur-ium


(2) ACH. Achrelease


(3) R-ACH R-AchtogetheR


(4) produse of end-pole potential

Regar to




nervous impulse and its condoction model of Synapse transmission


motor nerve endings polarization


ca+ into endoneurium


Ach release


end-pole potential




muscle contraction


It here, We would discover wave, particles field, Sheave,bunch and carrirl-of here dity

.Q.J. etc, Control volume of throschol,news keep, cross-changways. keep-chang-negative-

links R.R. double hlix, Super-conductivity, mathematical logic ways, nature-Tong-Substance

condu lauguage-Tong-Substance,drareter-poth path-bunch, etc


~ ~ (2)

At same time, we Rnown ferment is very important according to

equation of ferment conservation

Rl [ETESJ=k2[ES]




[EJ=[ESJ]] (1.2)



The life field-body havimg Wrong path guide-line,or the grnal-line,field bunch, its appearing. Ching

and loonabodsm invisible-image, anaboism deve-loping, livity-domain and pass or sit and stop tao-

shold into-cycle. Them's chaning-flow,was fold shadow toplant and striding-links. formation siugle.

double many tunnel links. In point of fact, its was precceding dyes-pighoeatation and may pbrases-

lines of unel links (dye-fassion stur ctcure plait)


The H-sbins semi-solvent-groand substances, from first release and second release, Epo

tentionsi-des. conts etc arised pumb and brabn-chainning.more over the brain's left hemisphere

functional and right hemisphere-over pont. About physcial-researched to see Figs.

The nerva cell model being


U(l)o C(l) " U= [(n).a(n)] (n=0)


U(l)o C(2)


U(l)o C(3) Z u ->


U(l)o C(l)

Fig nerve cell model


Let us se and analysis

reflev action


bell— >uditory sensatior— ^release— >central(non-reflev action— ►food-

central— >proviassociation—>ligh food— >oral covrty mucosa, Per cention— >release— >salivary

central— >tronsmission—>salivary gland— >secretion


The transmission of acapuncture feeling by the channels that we put comple measurement

with natural marks to item.(e.g acupuncture feeling.) we analysis following stuided-machinel-



Aaij(r)(t)= d(-)xj (t-r2) Xi (t) - B (r) (1.3)


As far as brain's nervous system is concrtned. not only this was neuron, nucleus, axon,

dendrite, synaps etc a succession of motions but also being become of AESS-HT, etc AEH



excitation conuction (chemiscd-founula)

E d [Na+] + [K+]


[(a++)+mg++]+[H+] (1.4)

H3 C + CH3


C - O - CH2CH2 - IV CH3

O OH CH3 (1.5)




= KA (7tint - 7toutsive) (1.6)






quantam type end-pole response


ny t m mx


Pr= - = — (1.7)



cen exlitatation estion (chemiscal-foconductionnmula)


Centain, having to do with the techniques and methods in brain message and passed on etc.

on all hands next doer to refer models to .To be specific, make sure of its chemical-structures we

take measur by virtue of urtr-microtech nique resolving force of microscope


d = -- (1.8)



not long since, mak a sketch of ultr-microtechnique's speapk, well as far as is goes Ahhrough

it be for ultra pure state and crystal grain boundarie,sopen to question but answer to the

purpnos of work up,because it wriste down what is called molecular's level which that is the last

word in heurology. model of synapse.


xi(t)=l[2jaijxi(t-z)-QiJ] (1.9)

we may thinging it necessary to ultr-microte chnique out-put

out - put


2 2 y 1 2 2


-f(y, t/x, s ) = [-~(m ---) + -- (-) ] (2.0)


2t 2y z 2 2y




In need be, we using computer let it to the xrtent of clearly-maps(CT or others )

As far as our informationgoes, we have to do with be


characteristic of wave- particles.field.shauve.buach. shock-degrretors.That regard to simple or

linearied solution is pure phoxe transformation will be wrong. oder-inorder,imter tial

system,mass,photic stimulation, photo emission.cross-linkng. photoionization. nonspontaneous

generation (non-conductor.asymmety chemo-syn thesis .ele ctri-cal excitability, audio-frequency

power,coeffieient of expansion, collision density, cortical reactivity . and crystallius, etc,

wer been play an impor tant role in the here, Else than that not less than unde certain circum

stances depend on mutual action and in trlinsic viscosity (specialization)


[1] Vimentin Binds to the Haman RPC Memslane and Associates with Ankpin; Intermediate

filamezts 1985,691-693


[2]Three clasess of sisnalling Molecules on B-cell memblanes. Membranes receptors and

cellalar vegulation 1985, 87-92


[3]Noulal Control of monnalian Hibernation; Circulation,respiratim and metabolism 1985m519-



[4] Actions of cholecystokinin Octapeptide On 2Rat spinal porsal horn neurons; Nevronal chole

cystori-1980, 373-401


[5]Mechanisms for Biological Effects of nagnetic Fields . CBiol. effects 1980, 71-86

[6]Collular loculization and Fnction of the


[7]NIIMURA, N NEAERON structual biology, J-phys chem solids, Co[819], 126-12705-



Language acoustics, Electroncs.<Bio-physics>


The simple imitate of synthesis for language be made of some vectors, eg pickoup

corrier and gear-drive equipment etc.


  1. The language is begings by compuaters as betwem


  1. C. and D. in any directorn and so on ,In this paper, we would disscution some important

KEY-Techniques(Higher-hears etc)


/KEY WORDS/.others.

stationary measures, Gene-affine

fibre-silk effereney




news noleculor-voice


synthesis phrase


second chang-suddenly


nerve silk fisson


single wave guide


some aggregution wave guide


onself wave exaniner


Higher nervous, electrotyping-hearts


Gene-methods molocular biology techniques staps from in ner to out face. BME



(1) Anologue- imitated- instrument of linsui ster


(2) Special-electronic analog computing eguipment


(3) Higher-boars of nerves, Higher-source-pickup.special-maded telephotography of nerve-gene,

system of higher myogen of functional condition.


(4) fundamental tone (New elec ground substance and copulatery organ contactor) or calisrator.


(5) Oerer instilments matrials (nerve silks fible silks,)etc.


(6) Animals Test, etc <Gene-section- line and BME><Fig,sketch, no 415>