The Sun of Mars (Poetry) / Fangruida

The Sun of Mars (Poetry) / Fangruida


Standing on the golden land

Our hearts are full of passion and hope

The vast plain

Towering hills

Rich and beautiful, boundless

All silence, how quiet, how serene

Come to your side

Bathed in the sun's rays



Overlooking the distant land

The ear seems to play the universal singing

The vast plains

Stands the hill

Rich and beautiful, boundless

Golden pastoral, how spectacular, how brilliant

We are there for you

The joy flies like a bird



Overlooking the blue planet

Deep boundless ocean

The vast land

Pretty hills

Rich and beautiful, boundless

Lovely home, how wonderful, how prosperous

We were born in your arms

Happiness, affluence, enthusiasm, hope


Mars, Golden Land,

Dust in the waves here

Not illusory

Not a confused fantasy

Rich and beautiful, very broad

Magnificent scenery, how warm, how stirring

We're snuggling around you

The finest paradise on earth


Standing on the land of Mars

Looking back on the good times of freedom and happiness

All the way

Pixing Dai months

From the Earth

Set sail from the moon

Through the stars and clouds filled the sky

We fly, we are in the interstellar voyage

Ah, the golden god of war,

Come to your side

Let the wisdom of the free and happy flowers forever fragrant


Standing on the golden land

Heart full of joy and hope

The golden sun rises

The world dyed 10,000 rays.

Alpine, canyon, plain, crater, riverbed

Magnificent as unforgettable hometown

We walk in the vast land

Shuttle shuttle ships coming and going

Mercedes-Benz in the interstellar, Mercedes-Benz in heaven

Benz in the universe the most remote place


We headed toward the moon

We are heading toward the paradise of freedom

Here the bounds, here wide

Here quiet, plump here

There is no loneliness here

There is no desolation here

Nature belongs to man, and freedom belongs to heaven

Olympus High Mountains, Sailors Grand Canyon, Tulsis Plateau -----

Ah, beautiful and rich planet

You are always brilliant

Always brilliant

Beautiful and rich planet

You are always brilliant

Always brilliant


************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************** 8 {Description: Fangruida free poetry, made in 2007 August. Network works. Formerly known as "the song of Mars", later changed to "Mars of the sun." Poetry can not only chant, and can compose song. Now the lyrics translated a variety of text. The original as a free poem, after the proposal was sung as a song, Fang Ruida had this music. Is published in poetry lyrics, musical compositions follow or after)).